vrijdag 17 juni 2011

Much for NOP

What a great evening, yesterday in Nijmegen! That's A Magazine was one of the speakers for OP[E]N, with a presentation of our work, our process and our plans for the future. We had a nice conversation with the audience, and answered a lot of questions. 'Why did you start a magazine?', was one of the questions. 'What is your market?' We started from our own enthousiasm for making a paper magazine, and that's still driving us towards the next steps. Afterwards we invited everybody on stage to take a close look at the Lost issue and some sketchbooks. And suddenly we were selling magazines like drinks!
Thanks to the Nijmeegs Ontwerp Platform and everybody who was there : )
The other presentations were inspiring: Dtile and Hendrik' showed the way they work. Very different, but one thing in common: we all have the desire to create beautiful things that have value and meaning for people.

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