dinsdag 7 juni 2011

That's #02

#02 is all about money. 
What’s the meaning of money? Why do we use it? 
Why is money (or not-having-money) always an issue? 
Is money the key to solving our problems or is money more and more losing its value?
In this second issue of That’s A Magazine we will explore the matter and meaning of money. We are curious what the banker, the historian and the non have to say about this medium of exchange. 

We’re also curious about you! Starting with a question: what did you buy most recently? What is this particular item worth to you, besides what it actually costs?
Please send us your pictures or drawings and the price of it. Little stories about what money means to you are also welcome!

Send your pictures and stories to:

and become part of That’s A Magazine #02 issue!
We would like to recieve your mail before 1 july.

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