donderdag 15 december 2011

Silkscreenprints Money

Besides the 200 magazines, we also made 50 unique silkscreenprints (420 x 297 mm).  Please contact us if you would like a special colour or print!

That's a Gift

There it is: the Money issue! 200 colourful handmade magazines around one word: Money. With a unique silkscreen cover. We used a lot of different paper for our 6 images: stars, big cathedrals, a cathedral pattern, euro's and two new money billets of 50 and 10000. In the heart you'll find a small booklet with two stories about money, based on interviews with Martijn Aslander and Arjo Klamer. We also like to mention our two contributors Quirine Reijman (graphic designer) and Jillis Verbeek (writer / architect). And thanks to everyone who added value by sharing their thougts with us, by introducing us to people or contributed in any other way to this result: thank you!

Special shops
Like the #01 Lost issue, #02 the Money issue is for sale in some nice shops: Sukha and SPRMRKT (Amsterdam), Coming Soon (Arnhem), Motta Artbooks (Eindhoven) and Weber (Amersfoort). Of course you can also order your issue here.

maandag 24 oktober 2011

That's it!

Last week we created a crisis ourselves. In one of the most busy weeks of the year, we made an appointment to make silkscreenprints for #02 the Money issue. Imagine: spending a whole day in the ArtEZ printstudio, experimenting with coloured paper, all sorts of coloured ink and different money patterns. That's great! Of course we didn't feel the pressure of having-no-time-at all-to-do-anything-besides-working-studying-eating-and-sleeping when we made the appointment, a few weeks earlier. Money was not the issue - it was the amount of time that we didn't have at all, when we reached the 18th of october. To make it more comfortable, it was also raining on and on that day. Carrying 20 kgs of coloured paper (some were too wet to use), totally wet and tired we arrived at the studio early that morning.
For a while we both secretly thought this might be not a very good idea. This whole idea of screenprinting and all the handmade stuff we like so much for our magazine. But when we saw the beautiful -free- paper we ordered in the dummyshops of big papersuppliers and started counting how many screenprints we could make today, at least in our heads the sun was shining again! We chose six images we wanted to print, we chose two colours: white and fluo orange (!) and started working to prepare the screens. The whole process of silkscreenprinting has something magical: the transparent papers, the light to get the pattern in the screen, the ink and the printing itself. The result is always a surprise and sometimes not what you hoped for. We made more than 200 prints for the covers of #02. And we made 50 unique A3 prints. You can order them soon at our website.

It sure felt like crisis, but in fact it was a small one. At the end of the day we were very happy with the result: this abundance of colour and images is what we wanted to create! Issue #02 will be there in a few weeks - we'll keep you posted.

maandag 22 augustus 2011

Follow the Money

 That's what we are doing for our next issue: we follow the meaning and material of money. We talked to de Voedselbank, about the waste of food in our mass production and the shame on accepting a gift; we talked to Triodos bank, about the meaning of money and the connection between money, people and value. We talked to economist Arjo Klamer, about the future of money and the impact of classical virtues. De Nederlandse Bank gave us the waste of one week money-production: more than 10 kgs of money paper, worthless because of small misfits, wrong colour and other details you-would'nt-even-know-they-exist.  And we will soon find out all about the ideas of "resourcerer" Martijn Aslander. How to create a community based on personal and shared value?  So we are learning a lot about ideas for a new economy, visions on money and creating value. And we think we've chosen the right word for our issue #02: the word "money" seems to be the most written and spoken word these days. Always accompanied by the words "crisis", "bankrupt" or "depts". Now it's up to us: creating a new issue with such a lot of material and meaning. That's a challenge - we'll keep you posted! 

zondag 10 juli 2011

ArtEZ finals

Last week we were at the ArtEZ finals expo. We saw some beautiful work made in Arnhem. For example the "klapwieker" from Margot Appelman, photos from Elise Jacobs and graphic work from Angelique Verheij. And we will hear more from Yobert Younan, Erik van Gameren en Chantal Rouw. Arnhem's got talent! (Do we forget to mention you? Sorry - let us know!)
Eyecatcher was a magical installation made of navels - we forgot the name of the maker...

zondag 26 juni 2011

That's discovering the world

Starting a magazine is one. Designing a magazine is fun. Promoting and  selling a magazine is - as we say in Dutch - different piece of cake. Which means: that's really something different. With a lot of energy we discovered Facebook, did our first steps in the Twitter community and proudly presented #01 The Lost issue to shops around the corner. Nothing digital, just D or M, with a nice dress and a Lost issue in our hands. We choose shops that sell (graphic) design, paper, art, books or fashion from young designers. So now we're available in Arnhem, Amsterdam, Amersfoort and Eindhoven! We keep using social media to stay in touch with people and events that inspire us. And to share the work we do and keep up with the work of others. Last week we suddenly got the same question a few times: how do we do that? So that's what we're working on now: a quick and fun way to learn about using social media for yourself or your company. To be continued!

vrijdag 17 juni 2011

Much for NOP

What a great evening, yesterday in Nijmegen! That's A Magazine was one of the speakers for OP[E]N, with a presentation of our work, our process and our plans for the future. We had a nice conversation with the audience, and answered a lot of questions. 'Why did you start a magazine?', was one of the questions. 'What is your market?' We started from our own enthousiasm for making a paper magazine, and that's still driving us towards the next steps. Afterwards we invited everybody on stage to take a close look at the Lost issue and some sketchbooks. And suddenly we were selling magazines like drinks!
Thanks to the Nijmeegs Ontwerp Platform and everybody who was there : )
The other presentations were inspiring: Dtile and Hendrik' showed the way they work. Very different, but one thing in common: we all have the desire to create beautiful things that have value and meaning for people.

dinsdag 7 juni 2011

That's #02

#02 is all about money. 
What’s the meaning of money? Why do we use it? 
Why is money (or not-having-money) always an issue? 
Is money the key to solving our problems or is money more and more losing its value?
In this second issue of That’s A Magazine we will explore the matter and meaning of money. We are curious what the banker, the historian and the non have to say about this medium of exchange. 

We’re also curious about you! Starting with a question: what did you buy most recently? What is this particular item worth to you, besides what it actually costs?
Please send us your pictures or drawings and the price of it. Little stories about what money means to you are also welcome!

Send your pictures and stories to:

and become part of That’s A Magazine #02 issue!
We would like to recieve your mail before 1 july.

vrijdag 3 juni 2011

Amber Book Store

The shop at the Arnhem Modebiënnale is called Amber Book Store. You'll find the Lost issues next to the Vogue and other fashionable publications!

dinsdag 31 mei 2011

Lost issues at the Arnhem Modebiënnale

"Fashion is more than a piece of clothing." From june 1st until july 3rd the Arnhem Modebiënnale is the event to visit. A month full of fashion, design, music, photography and film. Main location is an industrial plant from AkzoNobel. The Museum of Modern Art also offers a nice exhibition: Get Real/Real Self.

That's A Magazine will also be there at the AkzoNobel location. Selexyz bookstore is there with a small shop, and a big bunch of Lost issues. See you there!
By the way, don't forget to visit the creative garden Modetuin, the first weekend of june.

zondag 15 mei 2011

Sieraden, dekens en huisjes

That's A Magazine was vrijdagavond in galerie Marzee, bij de eindpresentatie van Montse Hernandez i Sala (grafisch ontwerp) en Trinidad Contreras (sieraden). Mooie beelden, fijn weerzien en vol nieuwe inspiratie weer naar huis. De gezichtjes zijn onderdeel van een mooi project van Anja Brunt: 365 faces.
En nog een verrassing helemaal op zolder: de gekleurde huisjes van Onno Boekhoudt.

zondag 1 mei 2011

looking up

Holiday: laying down, looking up - what will be the subject of our next issue?

dinsdag 19 april 2011

That's for sale in Arnhem and Amsterdam

Some nice shops are enthousiastic about That's A Magazine and our Lost issue! In May we will have at least 5 sellingpoints: BL-ij, Boekhandel Hijman & Arends and Super Duper in Arnhem. Sprmrkt and Sukah in Amsterdam. Followed by Beroep Kapper in Amersfoort and maybe a nice shop in Antwerp, Barcelona, Berlin... We don't mind bussinesstrips at all ; )