maandag 22 augustus 2011

Follow the Money

 That's what we are doing for our next issue: we follow the meaning and material of money. We talked to de Voedselbank, about the waste of food in our mass production and the shame on accepting a gift; we talked to Triodos bank, about the meaning of money and the connection between money, people and value. We talked to economist Arjo Klamer, about the future of money and the impact of classical virtues. De Nederlandse Bank gave us the waste of one week money-production: more than 10 kgs of money paper, worthless because of small misfits, wrong colour and other details you-would'nt-even-know-they-exist.  And we will soon find out all about the ideas of "resourcerer" Martijn Aslander. How to create a community based on personal and shared value?  So we are learning a lot about ideas for a new economy, visions on money and creating value. And we think we've chosen the right word for our issue #02: the word "money" seems to be the most written and spoken word these days. Always accompanied by the words "crisis", "bankrupt" or "depts". Now it's up to us: creating a new issue with such a lot of material and meaning. That's a challenge - we'll keep you posted! 

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