donderdag 15 december 2011

That's a Gift

There it is: the Money issue! 200 colourful handmade magazines around one word: Money. With a unique silkscreen cover. We used a lot of different paper for our 6 images: stars, big cathedrals, a cathedral pattern, euro's and two new money billets of 50 and 10000. In the heart you'll find a small booklet with two stories about money, based on interviews with Martijn Aslander and Arjo Klamer. We also like to mention our two contributors Quirine Reijman (graphic designer) and Jillis Verbeek (writer / architect). And thanks to everyone who added value by sharing their thougts with us, by introducing us to people or contributed in any other way to this result: thank you!

Special shops
Like the #01 Lost issue, #02 the Money issue is for sale in some nice shops: Sukha and SPRMRKT (Amsterdam), Coming Soon (Arnhem), Motta Artbooks (Eindhoven) and Weber (Amersfoort). Of course you can also order your issue here.

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